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Jill’s Story

Introducing Jill Chapman – Co-Founder of MOSH

After the death by suicide of her son Michael in 2001 Jill’s life took a sharp turn on to a different pathway. As many like her, Jill spent quite some time in the wilderness of shock, grief, sadness and depression before she came out the other end and began to support others grieving a similar loss.

In the ensuing years Jill realised the need for an environment where people could come for support when they needed it, not having to wait for an appointment or the financial resources to access the type of assistance they required. They would be able to relate to their loss and grief in whatever manner they needed to, be that by chatting to a supportive listener, sitting in a quite reflective space or being involved in an activity of their choice.

The seed of an idea grew into a vision and blossomed into what is now MOSH House.

MOSH House is a warm, welcoming, homely environment which is entered via a cosy Op Shop. No need for fronting up to a receptionist armed with a myriad of forms, just browse until you are comfortable to start up a conversation, it’s as simple as that. There is always someone there to listen and support you in whatever way you need.

Jill believes that so many of the things that trouble us are related to past losses which are often unresolved. By resolving to not allow the death of her son define the remainder of her life, Jill, with the support of many others, has created a safe haven for anyone who needs somewhere to belong, somewhere to find purpose and someone to listen.


As I sit here by the fire reflecting back over the day, I think of all the lives we have touched in just six hours. The day started out with my usual weekly meeting with our Team Leader, Client Services, Ann, without whom so much of what we achieve just wouldn’t...

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