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Fundraise for us

MOSH Collection boxes

• We can provide you with one or more cardboard collection boxes (for personal use only). Your spare change can make a big difference for someone who needs our support. There are no time limits – no pressure. Collect your coins and then deliver to MOSH or bank contents by following the instructions on the box.
• We can supply larger collection boxes with a chain for businesses upon request.
To order your collection box send an email to office@moshaustralia.org.au or phone MOSH on 8443 8369

Community Dollars

MOSH is participating in the Drake Foodland Community Dollars program.
For every $2 you spend at a Drakes Foodland, MOSH will receive 1c.
Example – If we have 100 people who spend $40 week at Drakes MOSH will receive $2,000 each year.
All you have to do is grab a community dollar tag from one of our MOSH op-shops and when you shop at any Drakes store in South Australia, give your tag to the sales assistant at the checkout who will scan the code off the tag. Automatically the cash will be credited to our account.
All proceeds from this fundraiser will directly offset the cost of supplies for our kitchens. Clients, customers and volunteers will all benefit from this program.
Thanks you for your support and thanks to Drakes Foodland for this initiative.

Your own fundraiser

Whether you are an individual, family, school, business or community group, you can help reduce the devastating impact of suicide by holding your own fundraiser for MOSH.

All you need to do is:
1. Decide what you want to do – casual day, dinner, cake stall etc.
2. Contact MOSH by email office@moshaustralia.org.au or phone 8443 8369 to discuss your fundraiser.
3. Provide MOSH with your contact details, so we can provide you with an authority to fundraise letter. This will confirm to your supporters/sponsors that you are legitimately fundraising for MOSH.
4. Start fundraising!
5. If you would like your own fundraising page so gifts can be made online – we can organise a secure page for you. Just let us know and we will organise everything for you.
6. Once your fundraiser is complete – drop the proceeds into a MOSH location or bank as per instructions supplied.

Proceeds from your fundraising will be directed towards the cost to run MOSH House.
Thank you for doing what you can to help those affected by suicide. We are very grateful for your support.

Support MOSH Australia

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